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Welcome to our Website

The Administrative Council and the Management Board of the Community of Landholders in Agiofili, Lefkada,
welcome you in this website and they are glad to inform you about this exquisite region, belonging to their
proprietorship, located in the southern part of Lefkada. Our initial purpose is to build up a small settlement.
With great pleasure, we invite you all to bathe with us and if you enjoy your stay, like we do,
contact us in order to be fully informed about the availability of one or even more plots.
Plot at Agiofili, Lefkada

Address: Vassiliki - Lefkada

Plot Area: 218.631,04 m2
Presentation of the Plot at Agiofili

1.      Plot Particulars

The plant lies in the southern part of Lefkada and the right area of Vassiliki Bay, facing southwest. It comprises of seven (7) adjacent plots with a total area of 218.631,04 m2, bearing the characteristic name “Agiofili”.
“Agiofili” is the most popular and the most beautiful beach of Southern Lefkada. It is presented in all tourist guides and maps as a place worth visiting also presented in most postcards of Lefkada. It is only 2 km distance from Vassiliki, 35 km from the city of Lefkada and 55 km from Aktio airport.
During summer a lot of tourists visit the place, however it can only be reached by small boats from Nydri or Vassiliki and it is only accessed by land via the specific plot.
The plot has a beach of a total length of 700 m, 200 m of which are of extreme natural beauty.
The visitor can travel from the city of Lefkada to Vassiliki via a motorway that crosses the east part of the island giving the opportunity to view the islands of Onassis’ -Scorpio, Valaoritis’ - Madouri, Meganissi, etc.
Vassiliki provides all the facilities of a small town (supermarket, health and fist aid centre, schools, etc). It also has a picturesque port (the area is world known for windsurfing).
The plot is located in an altitude from the sea level, which varies from 5 m to 100 m. The visitor’s access to the beach can be obtained through a staircase which looks like a miniature of Porto Katsiki.The new passenger port that will serve the ships of Italy – Patras line is designed to be built in the opposite side and at the end of the bay. This project is considered crucial for the development of South Lefkada. It will be funded by the EEC and the building will start soon.The road that connects “Agiofili” with Vassiliki is   6m wide as verified by the Municipality of Apollonian, which is the greater area where the plot is located.As the situation is now, from the total plot area of 218.631,04 m2, 179.146,04 m2 can be built, based on a building coefficient, as verified by the corresponding documentation from the forest inspection authorities and first degree committee. A court appeal is outstanding, in order the build able area to be 190.000 m2 of the total of 218.631,04 m2.According to the Lefkada Land Planning, which is in the approval phasis, the area is characterised as tourist and housing estate.In accordance with the terms and conditions and the building coefficient that are in force now for the area, the allowed building surface for touristic development is 35.800 m2, with the possibility  that to increase to 28.000 m2 after the court appeal. There is also the alternative of private townscape with the presentation of the necessary documentation to the corresponding authorities and committees.  If this is the case the building surface for summer housing will raise to 43.000 m2.
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